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Astrid Short Blouse (Customade)

RM 65.00
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XL Bust 108cm Shoulder 39cm Sleeve Length 21cm Sleeve Width 40cm Waist 108cm Length 55cm

2XL Bust 112cm Shoulder 40cm Sleeve Length 22cm Sleeve Width 42cm Waist 112cm Length 56cm

3XL Bust 116cm Shoulder 41cm Sleeve Length 23cm Sleeve Width 44cm Waist 116cm Length  57cm 

4XL Bust 120cm Shoulder 42cm Sleeve Length 24cm Sleeve Width 46cm Waist 120cm Length 58cm

Material: Suit

Details: No Stretchable Material 

JUJU Wearing 3XL (Bust 108cm, High Waist 92cm)

Model Wearing XL (Bust 98cm, High Waist 83cm)



Weight 80kg Height 158cm

Bust 108cm Hight Waist 92cm Low Waist 100cm

Thigh 65cm Hips 108cm

如何选购自己的尺码?How to choose your size🤔⚠️

1. 胸围一定要拿大4-6cm以上 不然会很贴身

Bust should take 4-6cm bigger than your actual measurement 

(Example model bust 108cm should take 114cm and above)

2. 高腰围 请测量胸下最细的地方 而不是肚脐的位置 高腰围拿刚刚好尺寸范围内 才不会太宽或太紧

Waist should take just fit your actual measurement

(Example model high waist 92cm take 92cm within the size measurement)

3. 臀围一定要拿大4-6cm以上 才会有阔腿A字版型 太贴身会显胯显三角区 梨形臀围偏大的必须跟着臀围拿

Hips should take 4-6cm bigger than your actual measurement

(Example model hips 108cm should take 114cm and above)



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